“A house is a home if you own it”

This is not true. If you rent a house then you will never feel at home. You may have a roof over your head, but you will never call it home.

“Buyers always win”

In real estate, buyers do not always win. Sometimes sellers win and sometimes buyers lose.

“Home ownership is a good investment”

It is not a sure thing. There are many factors involved in making a decision about buying a home. One factor could be interest rates. Another factor could be inflation.

“Buying a home is easy”

Buying a home is hard work. You need to make wise decisions about what type of property you want to buy, how much money you have to spend, and where you want to live.

“All homes look alike”

There are thousands of different types of houses. Each type has its own unique features. You should only consider buying a home if you plan to stay there forever. You should only buy a home if you plan on staying there for several years.

“Real estate agents are honest”

Real estate agents often lie to their clients.

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