Landowner Registration: 

The first step towards obtaining any land for agricultural purposes is to register ownership of the land. If the land belongs to a government agency then the owner may have to obtain permission from the relevant authority before registering title over the land.

Title Verification: 

Once the landowner has registered their claim to the land, they should verify the title of the land. A title verification involves verifying if the land actually belongs to them. To do this, the landowner will need to find out who owns the land currently.

Survey & Plotting: 

After the landowner has verified the title of the land, they should survey the land and plot the boundaries. This is done to ensure that no portion of the land is left unclaimed. Once the landowner has plotted the boundaries, they should send copies of these maps to the relevant authorities for record keeping.

Application Form: 

Once the landowner plots the boundaries of the land, they will need to fill out an application form. The form will ask questions about the purpose of the land, the amount of land being requested, etc.

Payment of Fees: 

When the application form is complete, the landowner will pay the fees associated with applying for the land. These fees vary depending on the type of land being applied for.

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