Waterfront Property Value: 

The value of a waterfront property is determined by many factors including location, size, amenities, and condition. A waterfront property is generally considered to have higher value than land without water access.

Factors that affect the value of waterfront property include the following:

Location – A waterfront property that is located near the ocean or lake is more valuable than a property that is not close to water.

Size – A larger property is worth more money than a smaller property.

Amenities – If the property includes a dock, boat ramp, swimming pool, tennis court, etc., then the property’s value increases.

Condition – A property that requires extensive repairs prior to the sale may decrease its value.

Land Value:

Land value is defined as the market value of real estate based upon the amount of acreage, number of structures, and any improvements that exist on the property.

Tax Value: 

Tax value is the assessed value of a property for tax purposes. In some states, the tax value is equal to the market value of the property. However, in other states, the tax value of a property may be less than the market value of the same property.

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